Without your BRA!


without the bra

Is this a real hot sexy era? When you are watching a fashion show, you will realize that they have no lingerie! And now you can also realize there are more and more girls who are not wearing bra! So, we have a question, does the NO BRA fashion come or some hot girls have changed their attitude? This is the fashion trend about wearing no bra! Some hot girls in Vitoria are with no bar, any matter they are taking the photos of magazine’s cover, advertising or parties! And there is no reason for them to without the bra!

without the bra

American women have always been in fashion, opening with said they respected the free development of the breast, rather than a bra to restrain them. Because they believe that the blind pursuit of the curve, trying to elevate the chest, the consequences will lead to deformation of the chest, and even may be due to improper use or bra material discomfort caused by mastitis, serious illness must surgery, pus, so many women the physical and psychological harm.

without the bra

Actually, as a woman who is chasing the fashion trend, to wear or not wear the bra is not important for me. The important thing is, keeping the health and good attitude and having a health breast.without the bra

without the bra

Has been advocating natural for the United States launched the first French women no bra trend, they think they do not feel comfortable wearing only. And if the underwear lines will affect the coat or vaguely visible underwear, grade is being reduced, such as from a transparent sense of fashion saw underwear, even more indecent. So many French women will go to dinner, simply discarded underwear campaign, their approach is wearing no bra coat, adhesive plaster in the milk in the first, namely “milk paste,” while maintaining breast shape yet elegant.

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