Did you know about that 80% of Americans wear the same type of underwear for their entire adult life? This means that a lot of people are probably putting up with substandard underwear! The reality is that underwear isn’t meant to be scratchy, pinching, or unflattering. And while choosing comfortable underwear can be challenging with the wide range of choices out there, it is easier once you know what to look for. This article explains what to look for when choosing your underwear so that you can make good choices that will leave you feeling comfortable and supported with everything you wear.cotton fashion underwear
1.     Do not let the appearance influence your choices
A lot of people choose underwear because of its color, brand and packaging. As Janet Street-Porter says, always remember that “what you wear should not be a source of pain, vast expense, or misery.” Some key things you should keep in mind before you take your next trip to purchase comfortable underwear:

Underwear sits against your skin all day long. It couldn’t get any closer. Therefore, it should feel comfortable.

Choose features, benefits and design over color, brand and packaging. Just because it says “designer” doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for you.

Choose pure cotton underwear as much as possible. Pure cotton is more soft and comfortable than any other materials. It’s not do any harm to our skin.
cotton fashion underwear
2. Choose the right size
It is very important to choose a right size for your underpants. You can not choose the smaller one or the bigger one because of its color, style and appearance. Choose the right size and make yourself comfortable is the only reason why you wear underpants. Here are some tips to help you choose your right underwear:

Avoid the temptation to go one size smaller because no one else is going to know or care what size underwear you wear. In fact, underwear that are too small will tend to make a person look heavier and will show through to your cloths and that really looks awful!

For underpants, compare your waist and hip size to the size charts that are usually printed on the back of underpants, boxers, etc.

3. Look for quality fabrics

cotton fashion underwear
As I say, pure cotton underwear is the first choice when you want to buy underpants. Just feel the material for smoothness, softness and comfort. Run your fingers through the underwear and feel what you feel.

As personal, I always choose pure cotton underwear, seamless waist or lace body sculpting abdomen hip ladies underwear. Made of pure cotton fabric, polish processed on both sides and extremely comfortable to the touch. So that would my first choice.

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