sexy lingerie

A moment I was standing behind my mirror and then I realized that women lingerie is the same needs as sanitary napkins, both of these things are important for women. We always carry them, we always change them. And lingerie just like your pair of shoes, just match them in many diffident occasions.

Theoretically, sports underwear, strapless lingerie, lace underwear, cotton underwear have the each meaning of existence.

As I pulled my underwear drawer and I can see silk, a variety of colors and prints, but originally bought some underwear now, I will never wear and some underwear I only worn once.

I can understand why woman has a lot of lingerie, just like women’s clothing: wear always more than look. So it is normal that the numbers of buying lingerie are far away from their actually needs.

I was thinking that when a woman bought new lingerie to home, the truth is, they want to be the sexy woman who they wanted in the deep side. Lingerie can bring some mysterious feel, do you agree?

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