underwear washing

Properly take care of nylon underwear, make sure that they will last for a long time, and keep the wearer comfortable. Like many modern fabrics, nylon is washed easily in automatic washing machine, and can be dried in an automatic dryer. Promptly remove the stains from the nylon underwear to ensure that the most wear out from the clothes.

Wash underwear in warm water or use cold water to avoid setting the stain. Use for fine fabric washing detergent and not to add bleach load. Don’t over crowded washing machine and wash nylon underwear like clothes. After washing the nylon underwear, check the load of the washing machine to ensure that no obvious stains are still present. If the clothes stained with the machine, the heat can be set from the automatic drying. If you find the dyed clothing, remove it and re process and wash.

underwear washing

Dry clean all the clothes in the dryer. High temperature will melt or shrink nylon underwear, changing their appearance and fit. Don’t get too crowded the dryer, so that each piece of clothing has enough space to tumble in the dryer. If the electrostatic adsorption is a problem, use a drying machine plate or add a laundry soft agent.

You don’t need a tie for the iron. The heat from the iron can melt nylon. Most of the wrinkles will fall out of nylon. The store is in the drawer of the nylon underwear, and cedar creates a fresh scent. Keep the room clean, avoid dust and dust mites. Don’t try to meet too many of the nylon underwear in the drawer, which will make them wrinkle. When the elastic belt begins to wear and replace the clothes.

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