Let me start off with a question here; what often misses after you find a penetrative sex toy that mimics real sex? From my experience, I would say – thrusting! In all honesty, sometimes, we just want a good and deep dicking. And while no sex toy can ever replace the real thing, thrusting vibrators provides some interesting and new sensations that could get you closer. Now, before we even continue, let’s try to understand; what are thrusting vibrators exactly? Thrusting vibrators – just like the name indicates – are those toys that thrust during stimulation, just like a real penis. These vibrators tends to come in two styles, rabbit thrusting vibrator or a dildo thrusting vibrator – the rabbit style is more common. There is also a butterfly version that’s gaining popularity among women due to its lighter clitoral touch as well as slimmer shaft, which makes it the perfect choice for beginners.

thrusting vibrators

There is another type of thrusting vibrator that doesn’t thrust at all. What happens is that; there is a hollow tube inside the shaft containing a heavy solid ball. When the motor starts, this ball is thrown upwards inside the tube, resulting to jackhammer-like feel. If you want the ball to move faster, you just need to set the speed setting to a higher level. This toy is vigorous when it comes to its vibrations. So, if you are looking for a thrusting vibrator that would make you completely insane, then I think you should try this particular ‘bad boy.’ Generally, thrusting vibrators to provide g-spot and vaginal stimulation – and with the rabbit version, you will have clitoral stimulation as well. With regards to sensations, thrusting vibrators offers extra penetration and depth-style intensity that would knock your socks off.

After all that, how about we look at how one can get the most out of thrusting vibrators? I will start off by saying that thrusting toys are quite unique, and so it is important for you to know how exactly you can use them for the best result. So, when using the vibrator, after you insert the shaft, place the clitoris between the rabbit ears. It might be tough, but you would want the clit to be squeezed at the bottom of the split years, so that when the motor starts, the vibrations will surround the clit and the ears will give it the perfect squeeze. The pressure will not only make your orgasm stronger, but also the vibrations that’s transferred to your clit will feel amazingly strong. Leave the vibe intact without any movement so as to continue stimulating the clit while the rest of the toy still moves up and down inside your genitals. The two sensation will offer a fantastic contrast that would drive you completely insane.

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