The rabbit vibrator is for sure a vibrating icon. Ever since sex toys were rolled off in the 1980s, the rabbit has remained to be the most popular and recognizable vibrators of all time. Ever since, the vibrator has benefited from new innovations and designs that has seen it grow from a normal vibrator to the most cutting-edge toy. Here are some of the other things that you should know about rabbit vibrators with regards to its past, present and the future;

rabbit vibrators

They are designed to deliver a blended orgasm – with all the different forms, the rabbit vibrator was designed to stimulate both the g-spot as well as the clit, which leads to a type of orgasm often known as a blended orgasm. Here is the thing, women experience pleasure when you either stimulate the clit or g-spot. Also, the feeling of orgasm that a woman gets from g-spot stimulation is different from the orgasm feeling the woman will get from clit stimulation. Now, the rabbit aims to give you the best from both worlds by stimulating the clit and the g-spot at the same time.

They have unique designs – the now legendary rabbit vibrator has a fantastic design. From the moment it was manufactured, it has attracted a lot of customers. This has been enabled by the vibrator’s cute design. This design was a tactic to sell the toy out of japan where phallic designs weren’t allowed. Over the years, the model has changed a lot. Modern innovations on the rabbit have moved from the rabbit ears to focus on a more ergonomic design.

If you didn’t know, the 1998 episode on the Sex and the City film massively increased the popularity of the vibrator. In that episode, the more conservative character – Charlotte – was introduced to the rabbit vibrator. The way the other characters explained this vibrator caught the audiences’ attention, thereby increasing its popularity to one of the best vibrators.

Unfortunately, rabbit vibrators don’t fit everyone’s genitalia – despite the vibrator’s popularity, one major setback about it is the fact that it doesn’t fit everyone’s anatomy. Just like human faces, vulvas are quite different when it comes to shape, size and proportions. Clitorises and vaginas vary with individuals. So, rabbit vibrators will not work the same in all individuals. So, when buying for a rabbit, ensure that you understand your body first so as to know the right vibrator for you.

So basically, the rabbit is quite popular, and honestly, if you buy one of this, your sex life will never be the same again. So, hurry, run to your closest sex toys store and purchase one of this. You will love it!!!

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