The truth is, woman usually assume that when it comes to the sex department, men have it all; that they are turned on always and could go for another romp. But in reality, sex isn’t always easy for us as men. Male orgasms are really tricky sometimes. I know you are a little bit confused – you wondering how this could even be possible. Bet this, male orgasm is easier to reach when compared to female orgasm, but did you that according to a recent survey, some men have ejaculated without feeling any pleasure, while others have even faked an orgasm? That’s right, so when I tell you that’s it tricky sometimes, you have to believe me.


After having said all these, how about we try and understand what male orgasm really is. I know this may seem totally elementary, and that we all know what it is, you know – the horrifying sex face that comes together with some mind-numbing man pleasure. But ask yourself, what about the science of the entire experience? Well, this is what happens, when intense sexual stimulation results in extreme ejaculation, a nerve influx towards the genitalia provokes contractions at the prostate, the thighs, pelvic muscles as well as the base of the penis. When all this is happening, the man’s breathing and heart-beat will accelerate and his blood pressure will increase. This is when he experiences intense pressure which only last for a few seconds, releasing the sperms that marks the ultimate climax.

So how can you, as the man, improve your orgasm? Naturally, masturbation leads to orgasm through ejaculation, but during sex, the arousal is much stronger, which makes the pleasure even more intense. What’s more, pleasure is easy to achieve, yes, but with a little bit of practice, the man can learn how to delay the orgasm and ‘come’ more intensely. This way, you will be able to last longer, satisfying your woman even better.

Another fact that I must state here is the notion that the first ejaculation is more pleasurable that the second or third. This isn’t always true, as the second or third ejaculations can at times be even more pleasurable that the first. But even this being the case, there are some men who finds it really difficult to climax. There are a few reasons why these might be so. They include the following; physiological reasons (illness or age); or psychological reasons (lack of self-confidence, depression, anxiety, anger boredom, guilt, or fear of being unable to come. Still, alcohol, antipsychotics and anti-depressants can also affect your ability to climax, and so does insufficient arousal. So, if your guy is having a hard time climaxing, you might want to consider examining his lifestyle so as to determine the underlying causes and figure out a way to help him.

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