If am being truthful, a lot of us individuals don’t really understand even a third of our sexuality. I mean, if we were to be given an opportunity to ask any questions relating to our sexuality, am sure we would be surprised. In an attempt to help people understand their sexuality, I have addressed one of the areas which for real is mystery and has completely being misunderstood before – female orgasm. As there are some women who don’t or who have never actually experienced an orgasm before, there are many more who don’t really understand what female orgasm is really about. The following are two of the most important things you must know about female orgasm;

female orgasm

An orgasm is not the goal of having sex – frankly, an orgasm should be a by-product of enjoying sex. Of all the other things you should know about female, I think this is the most important one. Understanding this principle well is crucially important that you might not need to understand anything else. What am trying to say is that you really need to cultivate an approach of eagerness around coitus. There are those women who would truly feel this elated feeling, only for it to be obscured while starting the act, while others find it really tough to keep that excitement during sexual play – mostly due to thoughts and distractions. The thing is, if you are not excited about sex, you might find yourself really struggling to find enthusiasm in the bedroom. So you need to do a deep search within yourself, looking for that thing that sparks vitality from within. It’s only by doing this that you will become ‘orgasmic’ and thus loose the need for chasing orgasms.

There are no different ‘types’ of orgasm – in contrast to what you might think or have read in some website, an orgasm is an orgasm. In as much as there may be different ways to get an orgasm, scientifically speaking, an orgasm achieved from g-spot stimulation is no different from the one you get from clitoral stimulation. This notion actually contradicts a hypothesis released years ago by a certain scientist that the vagina is the counter organ of the penis. But come to think about this, in the embryo, the organ that develops into a clitoris for a girl is the same organ that develops into a penis for a boy, so if anything, a clitoral orgasm should be equivalent to a penis orgasm. What’s more, the female orgasm tends to tremendously vary, no matter the way it was achieved. Their intensity, duration and the woman’s state of mind while experiencing it. And no study has ever found that a certain type of stimulation produced an orgasm that is distinguishably different.

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