If you one of the individuals who finds the thrill and the danger that’s associated with public play interesting, then wearable vibrators should top your list, as they will knock your socks off, just about anywhere. I mean, with this bad boys, you simply could be sitting in a waiting room, office, restaurant, waiting for a bus, or just walking down the street, and no one will ever find out exactly what is happening down there – unless you give them something that would make them curious. When it comes to sexual pleasure, wearable vibrators are becoming more and more popular. The reason behind this is because they are discreet and they open up different potential opportunities for sexual pleasure and excitement. Wearable vibrators aren’t for public play alone, you may be in your home watching a movie or reading a book and then decide to pleasure yourself. You never know, this could be the perfect role play tool you and your partner needs.

wearable vibrators

So, after you buy these vibrators, you may start wondering, how these vibrators work exactly; well – here is how;

A normal vibrator is placed in a special compartment in your underwear – there is a special compartment in the underwear where you put a vibrator, turn it on, and then leave it to do its magic. This makes wearable vibrators super erotic. Secondly, these vibrators are attached with remote controls via a cord. This options makes them it super fun when you are in the house, but is a little bit awkward when in public. The reason for this is that in using a remote control, you may be disrespecting people around you, or we can just say that it’s for modesty. But there are those vibrators in which the connection to the remote control is wireless – which makes it the best option for public play. There are two types of wireless options; those that use a specifically designed remote control and those that are controlled through an app. With the former, you can only use it when you are 20-50 feet away, while with the latter, you can use it from anywhere around the entire planet.

You may decide to wear a vibrator throughout the day, and then anticipate when your partner will turn it on. Some wearable vibrators gives you a number of options, which gives your partner options on how to tease you, thus ending up really excited and satisfied. Doesn’t matter the distance between yourself and your partner, all you have to do is to buy a vibrator, and then let you partner install the app on his/her phone and you will be good to go. If you have never tried them, you definitely should because you are missing out on a lot of fun and sexual pleasure.

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