Men thongs can cause eyebrows whenever it is mentioned. Many men have fears about wearing thongs because of the many stigmas associated with it. They have been a belief that thongs are only meant for feminine men and gay. Definitely, you must have heard that too. What is considered cool for men is boxers and briefs? Fortunately enough, we are very much free to choose what we wear, especially underwear. Simply put, underwear is a personal choice. I guess it is high time people means their own business, isn’t that right? They are not aware of the freedom that comes with wearing thongs. Therefore, drop those stereotypes and enjoy the freedom of wearing your choice. If you have been planning to wear thongs, hopefully, this article will get you started.

mens thongs

Here are some steps you need to follow to wear your thong:

1. Know the type of men’s thong; there two models of male thong:

Traditional thong. It provides full coverage on the front and has a narrow strip of fabric that goes through the butt.

A G-string. This one has a very tiny waistband. The front part is also very tiny so that the whole section is like a funnel that holds the thong.

mens thongs

2. Another question I seek to demystify is the question of comfortability. Many men always ask themselves how does a thong feel like when it is worn? Is it comfortable to have a strip passing through the buttocks? Well, for the first few days you may feel a little bit uncomfortable, but trust me, that feeling will disappear gradually and you will be left with an amazing feeling of freedom. Imagine not having to feel that saggy or bunched up anymore.

3. Explore various fabrics. You will discover that men thongs are made from different fabrics. Some fabrics are suitable for almost every skin, like cotton and nylon. Among them, cotton especially is the most breathable. The good part is that this erotic underwear style comes in a plethora of colors, fabrics, designs and customize taste that perfectly suits you.

mens thongs

4. Wear your thong on special occasions only. There is a charm that comes with wearing your thong sparingly. They are designed for a special event only.

5. Don’t wear it more than once. The freedom they provide is tempting to wear them on a regular basis. Don’t succumb to this temptation as thongs can easily pass infection. You have to change it on a daily basis to keep your hygiene healthy.

mens thongs

The list is endless, but I hope those few tips will help you get started with thongs. Just as I have mentioned, thongs are not ideal for every occasion, but they are a sure-fire once you get used to it. If you are one of those carried away by stereotypes, it is high time you be your own boss and make your choice. You will discover that it was the right decision to make.


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