When it comes to raw power, it’s hard to find another vibrator that can compare to a wand massage vibrator. These specialized vibrators feature heavy-duty motors with supercharged vibrations to match which are famed for being the ultimate orgasm tool.

Wand massagers are generally shaped like a microphone – with a rounded tip and a tapered handle. The tip can be easily bent and flex in any direction which allows the massager to fit your curves as you move it all over your body.

All the vibrations are focused in the tip to deliver maximum stimulation with every touch, which makes them ideal for clitoral stimulation. While older wands are electrically powered for greater strength, many newer wands use rechargeable batteries instead for extra portability.

Wands also have another advantage in that they look nothing like your typical sex toy. Wand massagers have a perfectly discreet design that allows you to hide them easily in the bathroom. The plain-looking massagers blend in perfectly with your hair dryer, electric razor, hair curler, and other similar appliances.

While people buy wand massagers primarily for sexual stimulation, many are pleased to find that their new sex toy also makes an excellent back and neck massager. The same vibrations that feel so good on your clit or nipples feel almost as good on your neck and back. When it comes to soothing sore muscles or working knots out, some wand massagers work even better than mainstream back massagers.

As great as wands sound, they do have some downsides.

First, wand massagers are intended for external use only. This means you can use wands for clitoral stimulation, but you’re out of luck if you’re interested in G-Spot or vaginal stimulation. There are some specialized attachments you can add to your wand massager for internal stimulation, but these attachments aren’t nearly as fun or effective as the real deal.

Second, wand massagers can only focus on one erogenous zone at a time, which can make it harder for a woman to reach orgasm. The sheer power of a wand massager can partially make up for this disadvantage. But some women will still have a harder time reaching an O with a wand than with their trusty rabbit vibe, which targets multiple erogenous zones at the same time.

Third, wand massagers are so much stronger than your typical vibrator that they’re not recommended for beginners. Many beginners don’t have the experience necessary to handle a wand massager’s power. They either use the wand too long and find that it feels uncomfortable or press it too hard against their body and temporarily numb their clit.

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