LOOKING in your underwear drawer you may or may not believe it, but British women spend in excess of? Two billion on lingerie each year – more than our French cousins despite their reputation for outdoing us in the sexiness department – so why does our secret habit feel slightly taboo?

lingerie fashion week

To try to encourage the sheepish British consumer to embrace our lingerie habit, a brave collective of underwear designers have hooked up with photographer Ali Peck and fashion editor Phoebe Arnold to create a film entitled Underworld, first shown at London Fashion Week.

Featuring designs from Pistol Panties, Marlies Dekkers, Triumph, Yes Master, Lascivious, Playful Promises, Kriss Soonik, Ell and Cee, Ayten Gasson and Kiss me Deadly, the film showcases lingerie at its most beautiful. You won’t be ashamed to go shopping after lingerie fashion show.

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