Although sex toys have been popular for decades in solo session, only a few are for couples to use together until recently. Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more common in the bedroom that the sex toys are upgrading the pleasure of couple play.


These are the Top 5 Sex Toys for couples according to our customers. Let’s go and check it out!


1. Wireless Dual Vibrating Couple Massager

This wearable vibrating couple massager is designed for women to wear during sex. It can increases your pleasure as well as your partner’s for unbeatable thrills! The Match’s smaller G-Spot arm slips inside to focus stimulation on his and her naughty bits during sex, while the larger arm presses against her clit for even more fun! The bend in the middle helps hold the vibrator in place, no matter how wild and crazy you get!


2. Leten Waterproof Charging Wand Massage Vibrator

For this price, you might expecting nothing from this wand massager, but wait, this Leten Fantasy AV Vibrator is a waterproof, rechargeable wand massager! This wand massager is expertly crafted for both internal and external pleasures, normally the work of 2 separate toys! The head is perfect for surface stimulation, 7 speeds, 10 different functions.


3. USB Charging Detachable Double Cock Ring

At the touch of a button, this penis ring’s top-mounted vibrator delivers steady pleasure pulses to send you both into orgasmic ecstasy! Clit ticklers will keep her screaming, and the stretchy nubbed ring keeps you harder, longer!


4. Roomfun Couple Door Bondage Cuffs Restraints

Transform any bed into a den of desire with this quick and easy restraint kit. Pop it under the mattress of any bed and adjust the straps to the correct length. Then put the 4 Velcro-fastening cuffs onto your partner and strap them down. Easy peasy.

Complete restraint is yours in an instant as the set cuffs your sub’s arms and legs and leaves them bound and vulnerable in your power. Unclip one cuff to flip them over or leave them totally immobile and enslaved to your desires.

5. Wireless Remote Control 20 Speed Egg Vibrator

Whisper-quiet and wirelessly operated, your egg has been designed for both intimate exploration at home and amorous adventures at large. A generous cord ensures quick and simple removal once play has reached its gratifying conclusion.

Offering you unrivalled sensuality and stimulation, spoil yourself or your partner with the blissful sensations of its 20 kind of vibration mode.


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