Plank is the easiest moving in all of the sports and it is very suitable for some office ladies just like me. I want to have a firm abs, too! But some of my pretty ladies said it is useless to do plank, now I am going to share the prefect right way of how to do plank efficiently!

First, you don’t have a partner!
Girls just like some gregarious species, when you want to go to the bathroom, together! When you want to peep some handsome guys, together! So, of course including doing some sports! If you can find a partner when you are doing plank, no matter a girl or a boy, the affection of doing plank will be better when you are doing alone.   doing plank doing plank

Second, you may not find the right way!
Do you really think that some girls who have firm abs are only doing the plank? You are just too naive. Now if you really want to have a firm abs, you need to do like this!

doing plank

doing plank    doing plank

doing plank

Oh, you should think about your power of our body, or… you will fall down.

Third, you didn’t find a ball!
I think you guys just find a Yoga mat when y are doing plank, even you just do it on your bed. Actually, it is no matter where do you do plank, but if you can add a ball to help you complete the plank, your muscle will be moved comprehensive.

doing plank doing plank doing plank

I believe you have known what the hell problems happened when you are doing plank. Just flow this pics, I am sure you will see your firm abs ASAP.

doing plank

Something you should need: sports Yoga bra

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