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When choosing a bra , there will be some errors. Today I will give some suggestions about how to choose bra for woman. Some of the girls whose breasts are small. They don’t need to wear bra. This idea is wrong, the breast is composed of fat as the main organ composition. You can choose a comfortable jacquard bra. If you do not wear bra, ligament will not support the weight. As time pasts, your breasts will sag more and more, it’s bad for you health.

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Many women in the selection of bra, often only care about appearance and style, but ignored the bra texture. Experts recommend wearing cotton or silk fabric bra, dressed up more soft and comfortable, breathable performance is good, there is a certain load bearing capacity. The synthetic material is easy to make the skin allergic reactions bra. Doctors recommend women wear lace sleeping bra to increase the comfort of the chest.

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Too many girls underwear periodic replacement too much trouble, so I bought a bunch. As everyone knows women body fat, thin, and breast shape and size, it is not immutable. Beauty-conscious women can choose different styles of bra, such as sexy bra, seamless bra and so on. Each time you buy a bra, women who remember to carefully measure your bust, choose the right model and cup. Also, in preparation for a bigger cup menstrual period underwear, avoid squeezing the breast. A bra and usually no more than two years of life, bra should be changed regularly.

women bra

Women should be based on their bust size, select the right size bra to protect the chest. In addition, some girls after fat growth in the purchase of the bra is still time before the election of the cup. This approach is wrong. Usually bust growth, as the cup will become larger, you need to choose the right size.

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