how to achieve vaginal orgasm

Let’s face it, hearing a woman say that she has achieved vaginal orgasm is quite rare. But the truth is, if you gravitate towards it keenly, it’s very much achievable. Achieving it would be a challenging task, which requires lubrication, concentration, perhaps a vibrator, and maybe some weird sex positions. To help you, I’ve put together a few tips that if followed, achieving vaginal orgasms would cease to be a myth, and would turn into a fun reality.

  • Try more foreplay – frankly, a lot of people do underestimate the power of foreplay to your sex life. For women, foreplay is super important given the fact that they take a longer time to get the level of arousal needed to achieve orgasm. By engaging in the act of foreplay, you prepare your body and mind for sex. A woman feels desired thus creating vaginal lubrication, which is super essential for a successful vaginal orgasm.
  • Clitoral stimulation – the clitoris is one of the most sensitive erogenous parts in a woman’s body. When you stimulate it, you will easily set a sexual physiological response in motion. Therefore, if you need to boost your chances of achieving vaginal orgasm, then you should consider clitoral stimulation during sex.
  • Consider kegel exercises so as to strengthen your pelvic muscles – when people hear the word Kegels, they mostly think about bladder leaks prevention. But the truth is, these particular exercises can boost your sex life immensely. Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic muscles, boosting your arousal. They also tighten the grip during sex, resulting in more intense contractions when you orgasm.
  • Finding the best sex position for vaginal orgasm – in order to achieve vaginal orgasm, find a position that provides maximum stimulation of g-spot or the clitoris. The majority of the educators of matters sex recommend the ‘doggy style.’ In this position, you will be applying direct pressure to the g-spot thus helping you achieve vaginal orgasm. If this position is working for you, switch positions until you find the position that provides maximum stimulation.
  • Try communicating with your partner – having a straightforward and frank communication with your partner goes a long way into helping you achieve vaginal orgasm. Try talking about your preferences, turn-offs, passions as well as fantasies, and you will have a better chance of reaching an orgasm
  • Find your perfect tempo – so instead of for the fast rhythms, maybe you should consider the going really slow at first and then increase your speed steadily. Women tend to enjoy the slow motions more and it increases their chances of achieving vaginal orgasm.
  • Use lube – lubricants add moisture, which makes the sensations more natural and smooth. They also enable you to have comfortable intercourse, which in turn leads to a successful vaginal orgasm.
  • Prepare your mind – having a relaxed mind is key to achieving vaginal orgasm. Relaxing your mind allows you to enjoy sex and its pleasures fully, without any stress, judgments or guilt. It’s also important that you exercise regularly, get plenty of rest and eat the right foods. This boosts your sex life greatly.

If you follow these tips, there is no doubt that vaginal orgasm will be at the end of sex.

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