Things You Need to Know before Buying Bra


Bra may affected breast and health of women , but most women do not know how to choose a suitable bra. So, these are the principles about how to determine whether it is an appropriate bra and how to choose a bra ? Here we go.

women bra

First of all, you have to know your bust, and select the correct size of bra. The most important thing is suitable. If the bra is too large or too small will not achieve the role of supporting the breast, but also make breasts sagging, a small one will make squeezed affect on breast blood circulation and make deformation of the breast.

women bra


Secondly, according to your needs and preferences to select the appropriate models. Bra can be divided into one-half cup, and three-fourths cup full cup, and they have different effects for breast shape. If your chest is not very full, usually choose classic lace bra , it has concentrated prop effect on breast. Also pay attention to choosing a comfortable breathable fabric. Although synthetic materials are beautiful, but the sweat and poor ventilation may cause allergies and inflammation.

women bra

Third, sometimes consider the season and occasion. Thin summer general choose bra with thin sponge, vice versa in winter. The best selection is cotton or silk bra, you may feel soft and comfortable, has good air permeability. If you are at home, be sure to take off bra and super elastic panties , put on comfortable pajamas instead.

women bra


At last, if you unlock your bra, a chest mark appears obviously on breasts, it proves the size of your bra is not suitable, you need to choose a new one. Doctors recommend to women the type of seamless sexy floral bra , it can not be steel ring tied to the chest. You know, 70% of breast composition is fat, fat reduction, natural breasts also shrink. It is harmful to women’s health, and could easily lead to breast cancer and other serious diseases. Women must care for their breasts, learn to choose a comfortable and convenient bra to keep you far from disease and maintain a good mood every day.

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