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For office ladies, working in the office all day with sitting, the chair is difficult to move off the bottom, so that life for many years, it’s easy to appear hip the office. Water does not want to appear hip office himself, especially Amy. But in order to live, we must sedentary day, which is unavoidable thing, so what we gonna do?

I want to show you some ways that can help you keep your hip perfect even though you are sitting all the day!

1. Sitting some hard chairs.
Many women long to sit soft chair, can easily lead to hip flattened or larger. And hard chair for the glutes without any resistance will make people completely relaxed hips, flattened or softened situation can be said to be sagging. So it might be replaced by a hard chair chairs.

perfect hip

2. Making some office operations.
Office workers can also do some simple office operation in his spare time, the upright stand up straight, hands flat on the shoulder in a line, the focus fell on one foot, the other lifted to 90 degrees down, alternating legs, doing 60 to 100 at a time.

3. Noticing your diet.
Office staff, in daily life should be kept light diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat, or eat tea, cakes, candy, high-sugar, high-fat foods.

perfect hip

4. Walking more stairs.
I think you should keep away from your elevator then walk more stairs. Walking more stairs can keep your hip moving then you can keep your body slim.

5. Correct the walking posture.
Notice your pose of walking, that can affect your hip’s shape!

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