Without a doubt, we are the leading sex toy seller in the country. We have cemented our place at the top by providing high quality products to our clients consistently. Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best sex toys in the industry, and we can frankly say that we have made the difference. If the reviews we usually get from our customers, both new and existing are anything to go by, it’s obvious that we have changed people’s lives. Now, as the year comes to an end, we want to sell our products to even more people; we want to touch more lives. This is why we are introducing the New Year Sale. It is on this sale where you will find our products at a discounted price. With this discount, you can be able to buy, not one, but more than two toys. Also, the New Year Sale commences on 20th December and will end on 20th January. Some of our products will be 30% percent off, while others will be 35% off. So, join us to find out how much your favorite toy will be selling.

new year sale

We say and believe that a New Year brings new things – might be true, might be not – but the point is, don’t let your sexual frustrations from last year cross over to the New Year. Let the coming year be the year in which your sex life changes for the better. The following toys will help you get there. Try them, thank me later.

new year sale
clitoral vibrators
  • Clitoral vibrators – This vibrator has 7 intensity levels, is waterproof and is discreet and petite, making it the best toy to travel with. When using it, ensure that you create arousal by applying the toy’s tip on your clitoris as well as labia; your body will start to respond for sure. But don’t stop, keep stimulating the clit as well as other erogenous areas in your body until you are completely satisfied. The best way to enjoy this toy and have the best night of your life is if you let your partner take control, let him/her be the one stimulating your clitoris, just lie on your back and enjoy. This toy will be selling at the New Year Sale, so you should hurry while the stocks lasts.
new year sale
prostate toys
  • Prostate toys – The vibrator fits your anus perfectly, as it has a flexible and bendable ergonomic design that allows it to. It is made from high quality silicone, which is skin-friendly, body safe and super soft. What’s more, the toy is rechargeable and can meet your desires anywhere, anytime. When using it, start by positioning yourself comfortably, either on your back or on a bend-over position. Then, apply some lubricants on yourself and the toy as well, and then make an insertion. Once you are in, start rubbing or moving the toy around the prostate until you hit the areas you feel nice. This toy will be available on our New Year Sale, so if I were you, I wouldn’t waste any more time. Hurry, while the stocks lasts.

We can’t emphasize enough about our professionalism when doing our business. And so, in this sale, don’t settle for anything less. Hurry and join us before the offer ends.

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