Every morning, when you get dressed, you will have to put on underwear. And despite how you currently behave or what you might think, those underwear should be as stylish as the clothes you are wearing over them. But the real question is, what really constitute a stylish pair of underwear? Well, since the people that you will be taking your underwear in front of are mostly your women, we went around asking women the kind of male underwear they prefer their men to wear, and made the following list. There are a number of choices to choose from – boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs or trunks. We also went a little deeper to try and figure out the shape, pattern and how revealing the underwear should. The answers we got were thorough, enthusiastic and hilarious at times. Here is their choices;

sexy male underwear

The best of boxers – boxers are for sure considered classic, the not-too-showy, the not-too-crazy option. To most women, boxers with solid colors turned out to be their favorite. Majority of the women thought that boxers were super classic and that they showed just a perfect amount of reveal. Also, others thought that boxers were relaxed and chill and not full of themselves.

sexy male underwear
boxer briefs

The best of boxer briefs – boxer briefs does have the length of boxers but the fabric is that of the briefs. They provide more support, and as they are super tight, they show off the guys ‘luggage’ perfectly – something that the women unanimously agreed that was their favorite. Calvin kleins are by far the breakout star. The women liked the sleek silhouette and also the fact that the dark colors hides stains. Among the briefs, black has always classic as they hide stains. Also, calvins are just iconic as they oozes sexiness, and that the briefs are considered to be the lingerie for men.

sexy male underwear

The best of briefs – the truth, majority of the women we asked were not fans of briefs, and they referred them as ‘tighty-whities’ in a derogatory fashion. There are those that found briefs to be sexy and others said that they remind them of their dads. To the ones who likes them, they said that briefs represents comfort and sexiness among men. Also, some said that the briefs made the guy’s butt look good.

sexy male underwear


The best of trunks – these are basically boxer briefs with shorter legs. They come in athletic fabrics and colors. The women were into them but didn’t have super strong opinions about these badboys, except for when it has big brands logos.

Based on our research, boxer briefs won by a landslide and briefs were the least favorite of them all. But these shouldn’t scare you away. Remember, what you should consider most when shopping for an underwear should be the comfort – before anything else.

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