To be honest with you, there is a new class of tech-savvy sex toys in the market; toys that stimulates your genitals like you’ve never seen. One of these toys happen to be the lelo sona cruise. This toys has a sleek gold and pink design, with different vibration modes and intensity settings. It also has a head that looks like a little mouth that sucks your clitoris, making you go insane. The toy feels more like a vibrator, with extremely powerful vibrations on the clit. It’s vibrations prolongs orgasms, and that’s after a sensual buildup, the kind of luxuriously drawn-out orgasms which leaves you feeling tingly minutes later.

sona cruise

It aims for a more sustained pleasure, making it the best vibrator in the market at the moment. And unlike traditional toys – which uses vibrations to stimulate your sensitive spots – the lelo sona creates airwaves around your clitoris, sucking it upwards thus stimulating your clit I a manner that you never thought was possible. What’s more, it stimulates the entire clit – even the parts that you don’t see – with a fluttering and eager sonic hum for a different kind of orgasm that is produced from the gentle deep-tissue sonic waves’ massage.

And while you might find yourself putting the other vibrators up to the highest settings, the Sona Cruise has vibrations that are super strong that you wouldn’t dare do the same, otherwise it would leave your clitoris in a coma. This means that this is the best toy for multiple orgasms. When you press it hard on your body, it doesn’t lose its power. The other thing is that the whole toy, including the nozzle, is pretty hard plastic. For instance, other toys such as The Satisfyer Pro 2, has a squishy feeling when it comes into contact with your body, so you are able to press against your skin without any worrying too much about the pain. But when it comes the sona cruise, you’ve got to be careful. Its power is unprecedented and it can cause numbness on your skin if left to stimulate for too long.

sona cruise

Honestly, I know that in the next few years, we are going to have more toys follow this model; in terms of its characteristics and specifications. So far, I can guarantee you that of all the toys that are in the market, there isn’t one that is even closer to the lelo sona cruise. These toys may be pretty and does a good job when it comes to stimulating your genitals, the lelo sona provides a different kind of pleasure that’s out of this world and one that is suited to meet different needs.



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