If you already have the awareness of maintaining the pelvic floor muscles, congratulations, you have improved more than 90%. If you haven’t been there before, start today and tell yourself to maintain the pelvic floor muscles.

The most effective way to prevent pelvic floor muscle relaxation is to do regular pelvic floor muscle exercises, such as contraction training.

By repeatedly pushing in and out, the pelvic floor muscles are strengthened, the strength of the pelvic floor muscles is strengthened, and the problems caused by the relaxation of the pine pelvic floor muscles are prevented and improved.

I call it Movemention-Squeezed Training

Why didn’t I introduce the familiar Kegel movement?

Because Kegel exercise only exercises 3-5cm of muscle in the vaginal opening, but missed the muscles in the deep vagina.

The Kegel movement was designed for postpartum mothers to solve vaginal become untightening, but did not take into account women’s sexual pleasure.

The contraction training, supplemented by the overall exercise of the core muscle group, helps the practitioner to learn to control the movement of the muscles with subjective consciousness, thus culminating in the sex.

Exercise pelvic floor muscles can also enhance the control of the urethra, bladder, vagina, uterus, rectum and other organs, reducing the risk of organ prolapse.

Another very important benefit is to improve your sex life by practicing contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles, promoting blood flow to the vagina, increasing the ability and speed of sexual excitement, and helping you to get into the state more easily.

Moreover, the essence of high nest is that the contraction movement of the pelvic floor muscle is transmitted to the brain through the nerve. If your muscles are well trained and very strong, you can produce greater contraction and experience a higher quality orgasm.

The first step in doing Contraction-Squeezed Training: Determine the position of the pelvic floor muscles

How to find the position of the pelvic floor muscle?

An easy way to do this is to imagine the feeling of pinching your urine when you are urinating. The muscle that controls your pinching of the urine is the pelvic floor muscles.

Once you have found the position of the pelvic floor muscles, you can do the exercises.

Let’s follow me: Imagine that you are peeing now, using the muscles at your vaginal opening, suddenly forcefully cut off the urine.

At this time, your vagina/anus will tighten, just like the picture

vagina or anus

At this time, the woman will feel a little itchy feeling, and even the love liquid will flow out. If not, then do it a few more times. This is what we call contraction training.

Next, you need to use the muscles inside the vagina/anus and try to squeeze out. Be careful not to bend your abdominal muscles, thighs or hip muscles.

Suppose you are peeing and squeezing the urine out.

This squeeze, your vagina/anus will become bigger, and the muscles of the inner wall of the vagina/anus will bulge, so the internal space will become narrower.

The G-spot is like this picture


At this time, the woman will feel a hint of urine, this is what we call the squeezing movement.

Now, we connect the two movements together, the contraction movement for 3 seconds, the squeezing movement for 3 seconds, shrink-squeeze-shrink-squeeze, and cycle 10 times.

When you first shrink, most people will think it is easier.

But when I first did the squeezing exercise, many people felt that it was difficult to adapt, but this is the most important part of the whole sport!

After mastering the Contraction-Squeezed Training proficiently and correctly, the ladies will gain:

1.Health-sensitive climax physique

2.Firming the wet vagina

3.Being able to attract the attention of your male partner.

The second step : Find good tools.

Just as fitness requires the assistance of a fitness device, with the right tools, you can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

I recommend everyone to use Kegel Ball (code: RED20 save 20%).


The benefits of using a kegel ball are:

Kegel Ball

1.Help to sense the correct muscle group

When you don’t know if your Contraction-Squeezed Training is correct, put it in the training ball to better sense the target muscles and avoid using the wrong muscle groups.

When you do your best, you will feel that the ball will be lifted up during the contraction training, and the ball will be squeezed down to the vaginal opening during the squeezing exercise.

  1. Help the vagina to adapt to foreign bodies

Kegel Ball can help your vagina adapt to have stable control in the presence of foreign bodies.

  1. Appropriate weight to increase the effect of exercise

The crystal ball I chose for you is the size of most women.

In addition, it has a certain weight. When practicing, it will exert more pressure on the pelvic floor muscles to control the Kegel Ball, thus enhancing the exercise effect.

Hope you have a nice experience. 😀

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