Wand vibrators are among the best sex toys in the market today. These toys are the ones for you if you are looking for powerful external stimulation. Also, they great when it comes to clitoral stimulation. There are plenty of wand toys in the market, and you are probably confused and don’t know the ones to go for, well, how about I make things easier for you and list the best wand vibrators. It is from this list where you will choose the one that will work for you. So, let’s get to it;

wand vibrators
Mantric wand vibrator
  • Mantric wand vibrator – this vibrator is rechargeable, and it not only provides powerful orgasms but it also massages tense muscles after a long day. So, before getting into the real fun, how about you first take this vibrator and then start working on those muscles you feel may prohibit you from having a good time; I mean, the toy will help you relax. This fact makes this toy a favorite to many, and frankly, it’s worth buying.
wand vibrators
Lovehoney metallic massage wand vibrator
  • Lovehoney metallic massage wand vibrator – who doesn’t like glamming their self-love routine up with a metallic flair. This vibrator helps you do just that. The lovehoney vibrator brings you each and every sensation that a powerful vibrator provides. It’s rechargeable and will help you stimulate your clit for stronger orgasms.
wand vibrators
Zeus arcana electro vibe wand
  • Zeus arcana electro vibe wand – to people who enjoy electoral-play and also like being shocked, then this is the best toy for you. It provides you with a little electro-stimulation alongside some powerful vibrations.
wand vibrators
Bodywand aqua massager
  • Bodywand aqua massager – this toy is waterproof, quiet and will stimulates your genitals like no other toy would. The toy is affordable and recommended to beginners.
wand vibrators
Shibari vibrator
  • Shibari vibrator – this toy is stronger than most sex toys in the market. It is a cordless, white and purple wand which comes with a number of speed options. This toy is affordable and once you buy it, you won’t believe the magic it will do to your genitals. Honestly, with this toy, you might find yourself wondering if dating is really necessary. Just give it a shot and you will see.
wand vibrators
  • Lovelife wanderlust wand vibrator – what attracts me to this toy is its shape where it has a heart-shape at the top. This makes it look adorable. In all honesty, whenever wand vibrators comes up, the main point of discussion focuses on their intensity and how powerful they are. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t fun or anything, it only means that when trying these vibrators ensure that you try the heart-shaped toy; if you haven’t tried this toy, then you don’t know anything about wand vibrators. This toy stimulates your g-spot and clitoris giving the strongest orgasms. It’s unique in shape, its performance is also unique.
wand vibrators
Lelo Gigi 2
  • Lelo Gigi 2 – this toy is velvet soft and is also very quiet. To those people who have used loud toys, toys that wakes the whole neighborhood, lelo Gigi is the perfect vibrator for you. The toy is super polite and discrete, and it will make you orgasm like crazy. The toy is waterproof, so you can use it while showering.

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