Dildos feels great and all, but more are the times that you just want to crank up the stimulation. In this case, a vibrating dildo might just be the perfect choice for you. In this article, I want to help you choose the perfect dildo, by listing the best ones. When making this list, I considered a number of factors, but the most important one was customer reviews.

vibrating dildo
Lifelike lover classic realistic vibrating dildo

Lifelike lover classic realistic vibrating dildo – now this one is a winner as it’s highly stimulating with quite the variation. The dildo boasts 6 inches of insertiable length, which leaves you completely fulfilled. The set of balls attached as well as its shape gives the dildo a more realistic feel. It has a suction cup base which makes it possible for hands-free action, making the experience even more realistic. It offers ten different vibration variations, which adds even more variation to the mix. It comes with a remote control, which improves the usability of the toy.

vibrating dildo
Exotic diamond realistic vibrating dildo

Exotic diamond realistic vibrating dildo – one of the most noticeable aspect of this toy is its color – purple – which makes it look even more appealing. Its shape is decent as it doesn’t have anything protruding from both sides of the toy. The shaft is veiny and it also has a tapered yet pronounced head, giving the dildo a more realistic look and feel. The dildo comes with 10 different vibrations to choose from. This setting allows you to switch things up when you get bored, which also means that you will be able to crank things up whenever you need a little more power. This dildo is the perfect choice for use in discreet sessions. The vibrations are extra quite, and the design of the dildo allows it to be used in smaller spaces, without causing any disturbance. It is completely waterproof – meaning that you would be able to use it in the shower.

vibrating dildo
Pipedream real feel deluxe no. 4

Pipedream real feel deluxe no. 4 – this dildo is best known for keeping things simple while delivering a whole lot of pleasure. The dildo comes with a suction cup base that makes it easy to hold, preventing unwanted slippage from happening. It boasts over 6 inches insertiable length for you to enjoy. On top of this, it’s waterproof which makes it easy to clean and suitable for in-the-shower action.

vibrating dildo
Lifelike lover luxe realistic remote control dildo

Lifelike lover luxe realistic remote control dildo – this is one of the most amazing dildos in this list, as it’s not only very realistic, but it’s also designed to please in the most satisfying way possible. The thick veiny shaft and the pronounced head provides stimulation exactly the way you want it. It has a set of balls which gives it a more realistic feel. Also, it comes with multiple vibrations variations, which not only keeps you guessing, but also allows you to tailor the experience based on your desires. It is rechargeable and completely waterproof. It’s reasonably priced, and I can tell for sure that it’s worth it.

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