So, are you one of the people who thought that vibrators were only meant to be inserted into your vagina or rubbing your clit? Well, you should that there exists a vibrator that is strapped on your tongue and when licking your woman’s pussy, you are able to enhance the sensation one would get from a naked tongue. Okay, think about it, you have a vibrating plastic on your tongue and you are exploring some of the most sensitive areas in your woman’s body, wouldn’t that be extreme? I mean, you will definitely enhance your oral action for stronger orgasms. That aside, in this article, I will list the best tongue vibrators that you will ever find on the market – toys that will take your oral action to the next level.

tongue vibrator
tongue teaser
  • Tongue teaser – so, this toy is pleasantly shaped, like a tongue, and can fit your real tongue perfectly well. When you use it, it very much provides your partner with realistic sensations. Its shape makes it easy and comfortable to use. It’s 2 inches long and 1 inch wide an it also has batteries included. It is the best tongue vibrator within its price range and it’s worth trying.
tongue vibrator
tongue star pleasurable vibe
  • Tongue star pleasure vibe – this is a good one. It works like a mouth guard which attaches to your teeth with a little vibrating motor which sits on your tongue. This motor makes your tongue to vibrate, and the kind of sensations it produces on your partner’s clit. So, basically, this vibrator enhances your real tongue making it produce more intense stimulations, which makes your woman feel as if she is in ‘heaven.’
tongue vibrator
ling O
  • Ling O – this is another tongue ring vibe, which makes your tongue vibrate for enhanced pleasure. The toy also has little nubs all over it which adds traction as well as extra pleasure. What’s more, this toy is one of the smooth ones as its texture adds to the experience. It’s important to note though, the experience you will have with this toy is entirely dependent on your personal preference as well as sensibility. But all in all, it is a great toy, given its vibration coupled with its texture. It’s worth trying.
tongue vibrator
incredible oral tongue vibrator
  • Incredible oral tongue – this toy, as well, is a toy that makes an apparent effort to making sure that its tongue’s taste buds are smartly used, turning them into ticklers that mercilessly stimulates your clit. Now, if when rubbed to your pussy it gives you some intense stimulations, imagine it vibrating – it will for sure drive you completely ‘insane.’ So, are you new to tongue action, try this tongue vibrator, it will be a perfect choice for you.

These toys are in the market. Make a choice to buy at least one of them and I can guarantee you that your oral action will never be the same.

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