For those who don’t know, penis sleeves are the easiest way to add length, girth and a bit of fun in your bedroom. It also helps to dampen the sensations, i.e if you are looking to last longer. No matter your reasons for wanting to try one, you should know the best sleeves in the market that would be best for your case. In this article, I have listed the best penis sleeves in the market, ones that are worth trying;

penis sleeve
grand mamba
  • Grand mamba – I do like the fact that the toy has a harness, which provides extra stability thus keeping it in place and preventing it from slipping off. The toy also has great girth and length. This toy is one of a kind and once you buy it, both you and your partner will have the night of your life.
penis sleeves
feel real enhancer
  • Feel real enhancer – this is the other fantastic penis sleeve which has a cock ring that helps you hold things put, or in other words, prolongs your ejaculation. The sleeve also comes with a bullet vibrator which gives you extra sensations. The toy also has an end hole which aids by letting your penis tip to breathe much better, and to the ones with big dicks, this particular sleeve add some girth, allowing you to fit.
penis sleeve
senso sleeve
  • Senso sleeve – this toy is all about texture, even more than length and girth. I mean, it’s more of a French tickler. It can fit over a vibrator and can also fit inside your partner easily. So, if you need something to make your partner get one of the strongest orgasms of their life, consider this toy, it will do the magic for you.

penis sleeve

  • Traz Rhino – this is a high quality sleeve that’s perfect for average-sized guys. The traz rhino penis sleeve is specifically designed to not only make your woman scream in pleasure, but also give the guy pleasurable sensations. Note this; when you wear this toy, most pleasure comes from the inner sleeve ridges rather than her vagina – which makes it super fun to try. The trez rhino comes in 4 major colors; purple, chocolate, cinnamon tan as well as vanilla. I guarantee you that this sleeve is worth trying, I highly recommend it.
penis sleeve
vixen creations
  • Vixen creations – this is the best toy for guys with smaller penises as well as ED challenges. The toys enables you, as the man, to last longer and so you are able to satisfy your partner. What’s more, this toy has a great suction type vacuum which sucks the erect penis or flaccid for a tight hold. With the right size, you and your partner will for sure have the time of your lives.

So basically, try one of these penis sleeves and I guarantee you that you wont be disappointed. They are the best in the market currently and they will ‘service’ your woman until she calls out your name.

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