Nipple clamps are used to pinch or squeeze the nipples for an intense sensation, and are also very useful during hands-free nipple massage. While the sensation of the nipple clamps on the nipple might be painful, some women do find the sensation exciting and intense. The truth is, different nipple clamps will give you different sensations, and there are also those which can be adjusted to meet your specific needs and/or limits. I want to help you make the right decision when buying nipple clamps, by listing some of the best ones in the market. They include the following;

nipple clamps
tweezer clamps

Tweezer clamps – this clamps do have good vibrations. It has tweezers on each end which tipped with rubber for your comfort. The clamps also has sliders on each end which allows you adjust its tightness to your comfort level.

nipple clamps
a no-frills alligator clamp

A no-frills alligator clamp – the clamps are rubber lined with an adjustable scree which helps you change or adjust the amount of pressure applied on the nipple. What’s more, the chain that is connected to it is weighted enabling you to feel extra sensitive in each and every move that you make. Try these clamps, they are one of a kind.

nipple clamps
tickling alligator clamp

A tickling alligator clamp – these clamps are one of a kind as they have feathers on each clamp which makes them look beautiful and attractive. But, these feathers are purely for decorative purposes, as they are pretty functional as well. The truth is, these feathers adds other sensations like tickling the nipples which is pretty intense. If you want to try nipple clamps, these are the best ones to start with, as I assure, they are a winner among nipple clamps.

nipple clamps
nipple clamp and clit clamp chain combo

Nipple clamp and clit clamp chain combo – frankly, this is probably one of the best sex toys you will ever buy. It includes delicate weighted balls placed on each nipple as well as clit clamps for extra weight. These clamps also have a soft purple silicone tip, which gives you extra comfort. Try them, they are worth it.

nipple clamps
non metal nipple clamp

Non-metal nipple clamp – the clamp consists an adjustable string that are hooked onto each nipple. A weighted chain connects both clamps, giving extra sensation from the weight and tension. If you prefer a metal clamp, then this is the one for you. This set comes with a separate clit clamp, which has weighted balls for extra sensation.

nipple clamps
heavy duty nipple clamp

For a heavy duty nipple clamp – this clamp tugs on the nipple with its weight, which adds extra sensation of tension as well as pulling the sensitive tissue on the nipple. It also has a screw-on functionality, which enables you to adjust each screw based on your specific needs.

These are some of the best nipple clamps on the market right now, and honestly, they are all worth trying. If you’ve never tried nipple clamps, you should try these ones.

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