For the last decade or so, liberator has been making sex furniture, position aids and bedroom gear, transforming your bedroom into a place where you can have better sex than ever before. With liberator furniture, you will be able to incorporate different elevations, curves, angles and motion – no matter the size – and find the best and more satisfying way to connect with your partner more intimately. These furniture and accessories will definitely help you add more positions in your sexual play, which will take your sex life to the next level. To narrow our discussion, let’s take a look at the best liberator furniture and accessories in market today. They include the following;

liberator furniture
liberator wedge

Liberator wedge – the wedge – just like its name suggest – is a wedged shaped sex pillow and positioning aid, which is perfect for deep penetration, support and comfort. The wedge has a 27-degree slope and firmness that provides lift and support in many sex positions, including anal and missionary. It also makes new positions more comfortable and easier by deepening the penetration angle. It also exposes the g-spot and easily reachable. What’s more, the wedge gives you the perfect angle for oral sex as it enables you to stay longer without hurting your neck.

liberator furniture
Liberator ramp

Liberator ramp – the ramp is larger than the wedge, and it gives you a 10 to 14-inch rise, which makes penetration from behind and other position even more comfortable, longer-lasting and satisfying. The angled positioning provides ergonomic support and also increases sensitivity. Its incline is ideal for girl-on-top and off-the-bed sex positions as it provides deeper penetration. Using the ramp takes pressure off of your wrist and knees, allowing you to fully enjoy your sexual play for longer periods. You can place you knees on top of these sex furniture when taking your partner from behind, so as to create a steeper downward angle for a different kind of stimulation.

liberator furniture
Liberator flip ramp

Liberator flip ramp – this one is a discreet sex pillow that combines discretion with functionality. When closed, this piece of sex furniture looks like an ottoman. And when opened, you will be able to use it to get into more positions comfortably, and you will have more stability and control during intercourse. The slight curve and height of the flip ramp makes it perfect for doggy style. The piece of furniture also provides the needed lift for an easier girl-n-top position as well as better access in all bed positions. This piece of sex furniture makes sex more enjoyable and comfortable and it gives you support, thus enabling you to take pressure off of your knees and back by providing the perfect sex angle.

So, these are just some of the liberator sex furniture. There are really good and are perfect for your sex life.

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