The truth is, not everyone have anal stimulation in their list of sexual pleasures, but the myths and misconceptions that everyone had with regards to anal sex are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Even sex toy stores are devoting themselves to selling anal toys as they have seen the shift in the market. If am being honest, the media has played the biggest role for this change. Anal sex has being discussed in movies and there have also been an entire column on butt play in some of the biggest magazines in the world. But despite all these, enjoying anal sex isn’t a walk in the park. You will need some good anal toys to begin with. So, to help you start, I have listed a number of toys to help you get started. They include the following:

anal toys
BumBum vibrating plug

BumBum vibrating plug – when it comes to butt play, this toy is small but the perfect choice for beginners. Its tip is tapered to make insertion easier and pain-free – even to those who are new to butt play. What’s more, the toy vibrates, which gives you an extra bit of sensation, capable of driving completely insane. This vibrator is available in sex toy store near you, so make an effort to get one for yourself.

anal toys
Vibrating mistress

Vibrating mistress – if you are looking for an anal toy with the shape of an actual penis, then you need not to look any further, the mistress is the perfect toy for you. One of the very many good things about this toy is the fact that it can be used like a regular dildo for either vaginal or anal penetration. To add to the fun, this toy actually works really well with a strap-on, as it perfectly fits in to a harness. This is the perfect toy for you, as it has it all. Go to the nearest store and get one of this and I promise, it will never be the same again.

anal toys
Babeland anal beads

Babeland anal beads – anal beads are fantastic as they give you a sensation that a simple butt plug would only dream of giving you. These beads takes your orgasm to a whole new level that’s beyond amazing. The beads are easy to insert, as the tip starts with the small beads which gradually gets bigger as you insert it. The handle allows you to pull or push it in a quicker motion, especially when you are climaxing.

anal toys
Icicles daisy plug

Icicles daisy plug – this is one of the best looking sex toys in the market. From a pleasure stand point, this toys does magic. The nonporous hypoallergenic glass makes t feel wonderful when in your butt. The glass is also able to maintain normal temperature, even more that silicone toys.

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