A prostate massager is a toy that stimulates your prostate giving you super intense vibrations capable of awakening the perineum and anus. Even though massaging the prostate grosses men our or downright freaks them out, there are major benefits associated with prostate massage that even goes beyond the sexual aspects. These benefits includes;

prostate massager

  • The toys helps in preventing prostate-related illnesses – so basically, there are a number of common illnesses that attacks the prostate, which includes; Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH), prostatitis, and of course the giant of them all – prostate cancer. What men don’t know is that massaging your prostate every now and then goes a long way in preventing you from contracting these unwanted conditions. A prostate massager helps in eliminating build up prostate fluid, which is known for causing prostatitis – painful prostate inflammation. What’s more, prostate massagers prevents urinary tract infections. Also, better and improved prostate function due to prostate massage aids in cancer prevention.
  • Improved function – not only does a prostate massager play a big role in preventing prostate diseases, but it can also boost its overall functions. By massaging your prostate regularly, you are not only stimulating it but also allowing for the release of prostate fluids, promoting blood flow in the area. By doing this, you will be improving the normal functions of the prostate and also prevents fluid build-up which may in turn lead to swelling and inflammation. More to that, prostate massagers has been attributed to increasing the ability of men overcoming impotence. This is mainly because, by massaging your prostate you are increasing the stimulation and circulation for proper seminal fluid flow.

prostate massager

  • Better sexual performance – guys, there is no way we can talk about prostate massagers and not relate it to improved sexual pleasure and performance – we just can’t. So, let’s get to it; massaging your prostate feels really good for the man and also enhances ejaculation during sex. This toy’s design allows it to give the man intense sensations that are like no other. So, generally, you are not the only one who benefits from the prostate massager, but your partner as well. In fact, you can let your partner massage and tease you, and I guarantee you that you will have a more excitable romping, which translates to the best night of your lives.

So, how can you get the best from prostate massagers when using them? Well, for starters, you can ensure that you clean and clear it beforehand; I mean, it’s only sensible for you to clean up the toy before using it. Secondly, ensure that you probe with the right tool. I mean, you can use your fingers to massage your prostate, but for the sake of hygiene, I advise you to select a prostate massager that will get the job done. Furthermore, fingers can cause a lot of damage to your rectum, and you for sure doesn’t want that. Lastly, rub it the right way. Ensure that you use lube for easier penetration. When inserting it, only 4 to 5 inches should go to your rectum. The tip of the massager should be facing downwards so as to hit the prostate gland. This will for sure cause arousal. By doing this, you will have the best night of your lives, a night that you will always remember.

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