Tenga is a Japanese company that has been in existence for over 10 years and is well known for making pocket-sized masturbators. One of the company’s most famous product is the Tenga egg. The egg is the cheapest, most popular product to be ever produced by the company and it comes in ten different varieties. What makes this toy so unique is its compact, cute, egg-shaped design, which makes it look nothing like a masturbator. It’s super small and unassuming that most couples don’t think anything of it, which is perfect, especially if you are trying to spice up your sex life.

egg masturbators

As far as the materials go, these egg masturbators are made from silicone sleeve, and they are super stretchy and will glide against your skin very smoothly. The materials are super durable and they stretch to the point where it is nearly transparent. The dildo includes water-based lube as silicone lube isn’t recommended, as it is said to deteriorate the materials. This toys design also something that makes it stand out for the rest of the sex toys in the market. From its packaging, to the capsule and the product itself, it’s all well thought-out as it fits together nicely. The egg shape is simple, clever and it’s presented well. This shape has made this toy become a somewhat pop culture phenomenon in Asia.

egg masturbators

Tenga eggs are also discrete, and it takes away the anxiety of purchasing it in public. I mean, it looks like nothing more than a capsule or a cute cosmetic product, and unless an onlooker is familiar with sex toys or just it, he/she would think absolutely nothing of it. So, having said that, I can confidently say that if you want to get a masturbator and you don’t want the entire world to know, then the egg is the perfect option for you. The toy is also affordably and reasonably priced, as it’s about $10 each.

With its benefits or advantages, comes with its limitations. One of the limitations is in its texture where it doesn’t do much. The eggs’ textures doesn’t do much to change your experience with it. Something else is that it’s disposable and it’s not designed for extended use. You can only use it a few times before the toys starts to break down, but given its price, maybe it’s not too much of a drawback, right?

So, after considering all the pros and cons as well as strength and weaknesses of the tenga egg, we can all conclude that it is great product. After all, its strengths far outweighs its weaknesses. It’s well designed, inexpensive and it feels fantastic. And when compared to other masturbators currently in the market, you will absolutely fall in love with toy.

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