Super-hot trend after looking “Fifty shades of Grey”


I am sure you have heard the new movie “Fifty shades of Grey”. That is right! This is a movie which is talking about sexy lingerie. If you are below 18, you’d better stop reading it!

new series lingerie

“Fifty shades of Grey” brings a lot of sexy lingerie as the movie get hotter and hotter. In our shop, a lot of sexy lingerie had a big sale in that time. Of course, this is the movie effect.

So our website, we have a new series of lingerie to catch this lingerie hot trend. And in the same time, our sex furniture is also in hot sale. What should I say? Thanks for EL James?

new series lingerie

This series is including corselet, balconette, bikini, open cotch black teddy, c-string and some mini skirt.

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