Summer is coming and the weather is getting hotter and hotter, if our lingerie is too thick for summer season, we will feel hot and uncomfortable. For this situation, what kinds of lingerie will be more comfortable in this hot summer?

First, I want to tell you some behaviors of unfit lingerie.

summer lingerie

  • Lingerie is too tight then show vestige, if your lingerie is too tight, that is very unhealthy for our body and chest.
  • Bra striped is too loose.
  • The cup is easy to move up.

How to choose the summer’s lingerie

summer lingerie

  • Choose some soft materials like having good sense of absorbing sweat. In hot summer, you should choose the materials like cotton and silks then you can let your skin breathe well.
  • Choose lingerie which is fit for your chest.
  • Remember! Do not choose the lingerie which is too thick!
  • Match your lingerie’s color with your clothing. It is not polite to let people see the color of your lingerie though your pure color clothing!

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