Spice Up Your Relationship with Sexy Cosplay Costumes


Do you want to add some spice to your sex life? Are you ready for some roleplay? Partners who want to release inner inhibitions, turn up the fun in the bedroom, add playfulness, and excitement to their lives will love our suggestions. Role play strengthens and develops many couple’s deep inner connections and something you could try to keep boredom out of the bedroom.

sexy cosplay costume


Start wearing a sexy cosplay costume and experience men bursting at the seams with new tricks. It is a tremendous booster making them feel sexually confident and enabling them to live out their fantasies. To achieve the desired effect, you must find out what your partner’s fantasies are. The best times to find out what your partner loves is during small talk, without any pressure, and not judging the reply. Roleplay and what men love always involve a bit, (or a lot) of teasing. You should know that is one of the main reasons why men go to shows and strip clubs. It is because they find teasing very stimulating and attractive.


sexy cosplay costume

Stripper heels, a blond wig, and a cosplay costume will go a long way in making your man eager to rush to the bedroom. Costumes to incorporate can be understated and minimalistic, explicit, alluring, raunchy, sophisticated, playful, and more. You do not need a full sexy costume either as hints of a costume or accessories work well too. The whole purpose of role play and costumes is not making yourself feel uncomfortable or humiliate yourself. When you feel sexy, your partner is in for a fun treat.

sexy cosplay costume


Sexy costumes most men find alluring and seductive include nurse’s outfits, sexy cowgirl, skeleton pattern tights, policewoman uniforms, temptation maids, and many more. These options are the safe sexy costumes which most men will find enticing. You do not have to feel like a sleazy porn star to get your man’s attention. Simple actions can lead to major action. A simple example; “you are the prince, I am your stable boy or chambermaid”. Roleplay by pretending parents are downstairs and you and your partner are high-school kids making out upstairs, are great roleplay ideas too. Do not worry to jump into an elaborate costume right away, practice your persona, get a wig, etc.

sexy cosplay costume


It is a fact that men are true visual beings. Most men love different personas and the accompanying costumes, which add playfulness to the fun too. Practice your styles, and personas, ditch insecurities, and continue to be creative in the bedroom. This is one sure way to avoid the predictability he expects and get out of a boring sexual rut. Avoid getting into roleplay too often, as that will rob both of you of the excitement.



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