underwear fashion

When the underwear which you love the dark days of the time to become a term underwear. In particular, I have my mobile phone application is due to this reason, but the application failed me and now I most like the sexy lingerie look like from a psychological crutch.

When you have a pair of underwear, ask politely you only hand wash. I don’t want to wash my hands anything, you fucking DELICATE. Let me guess, you also want me to buy a clothes hanger for your precious little self?

When you wash your hands, they never really get clean. Still have some strange stains or it doesn’t smell like they have really washing, then you end up everywhere wash them again until they do, or you simply give up, thrown into the washing machine, which will kill their impact.

When the elasticity has given up completely. Then it’s just a puddle in your waist and hips, was defeated and sad. Finally you get that look, because it looks like a super scary.

Wanting your bra, with your underwear, but it means that you must have all the same color underwear bra. And to be honest, you’ll never match when you have to walk away for five minutes. What do you want to catch? Yes, you are.

When you get a hole in it, it’s basically over. You know what this means. It’s like that in the film, in which the soldiers said, his wife was pregnant, you are like, “Oh, you’re going to die.” With a small hole in your fashion underwear. They are about to die.

When you don’t have any clean underwear, and have to stay up all night to wash it, or who just buy new underwear, because she makes a choice between all the dirty people.

When you try sexily to take off the underwear guy, the notice before, oh, cool, I have a situation where the discharge is. It’s perfectly normal, but it’s not great.

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