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Many women feel that wearing bra is a troublesome thing, they do not want to wear a bra and do not change bra when it becomes looser. These  are very detrimental to breast health. Breast is composed of fat and breast ligament with no muscle tissue, breasts bear the whole weight. With age and estrogen secretion changes, the breast will be more easily shaken, if not wearing a bra to fixed and support, it will accelerate body’s health, resulting in breast sagging. However, if the bra improper use, the effect will be counterproductive. Recommended for women to choose comfy breathable bra, a wide shoulder strap, it is best not with steel bra.

women print bra

Today, there are many styles of bra, a wide strap, small strap, strap and vest-style and many other. For young women, wearing a smaller strap type floral printing bra, will appear slim and healthy. The young woman after pregnancy, it is desirable to wear a wide strap bra tight, so that is conducive to the development of maternal breast milk and postpartum lactation preparation; As the seasons change, bra fabrics should also be updated in a timely manner. Summer sweat more, should wear cotton, bleached cloth or poplin fabric bra. Spring and autumn season women can wear polyester fabric floral print bra.

women print bra

women print bra

In winter, women should wear a more solid or a bra with a sponge. Release the bra or take off the bra when you sleep, so you can avoid the chest continued to be pressed and discomfort. But also conducive to night breathing and blood circulation. Women must pay attention to their own health, prevention and treatment of diseases, care for their own bodies.

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