As long as the doctors said, this is a better place to sleep. Someone explained to me the “air to it” or “let it breathe.” This is a topic that most people don’t talk about, or even think about, but it has not avoided. So the biggest question is: should we sleep in our underwear or go to the Raiders?cotton underwear

From the Internet I read and hear from a real doctor, wearing underwear to sleep is not necessarily harmful, but there are some things to be cautious. Dr. Nancy Simpkins, a physician who specializes in women’s health, said, “there is no right or wrong. It is said that, mucus membranes need air to prevent undo moisture buildup and the possibility of yeast infections.”

She pointed out that wearing underwear to sleep is a personal choice. Wearing underwear to sleep will not seriously hurt you, but it is definitely conducive to the Raiders team. Simpkins said, “If you choose to go to bed, cotton is your first choice. Cotton allows air circulation to prevent infection”.

If you do not like the idea of commando, you can choose cotton underwear. You will have a short cotton comfort and feel. Skip the lace of the other time, the woman’s favorite. It’s either cotton or a surprise team in bed. The choice is yours!

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