Perhaps whoever coined the popular phrase, “if it is not broke, it does not need fixing” probably never thought of sex. Because anyone who has experienced a good orgasm probably knows there is no harm in improving on it. For decades, the sex toy industry has been lending helping hand in that area. If you could sneakily take a peek into the naughty bedside drawer of over 500,000 people, what do you see and what could it say about their sexual mindfulness?

Surprisingly(or maybe not), the successful sales of over one million sex toy and over 50,000 reviews have revealed what we do in our secretive moments.

DMM Penis Sleeve

 Interesting Statistics about sex toys

Isn’t it surprising to know that 54% of women between the ages of 18 and 60 have ever used a sex toy? Also, over 60% of women were in their 20s when they tried their first sex toy. 20% of women were reported masturbating at least once every week, of which 60% use a sex toy.

Women who were reported masturbating have shown a higher self-esteem than those who don’t. This doesn’t mean masturbation makes them happy, but it only means that women who are confident enough to admit to masturbating get more comfortable with themselves.


 DMM Penis Sleeve


Unless it’s the obscenely elephantine or the jackhammer, most guys think it’s generally safe- to introduce some DMM penis sleeve into the bedroom. They think it’s great because it appeals to their sense of ingenuity. Furthermore, any guy would be blushed with the opportunity to munch on with a totally exotic, foreign gadget.

Also, women feel very happy when their partner takes them into his confidence and share what he likes with them in the bedroom.

DMM Penis Sleeve


In the last decade, sexual products like a vibrator are becoming increasingly mainstream. What was once a secretive and embarrassing topic for women; researchers are revealing that women are becoming more confident about discussing their sex toy life. Couples are becoming confident to share sex toys in the bedroom- this enhances their sex life by giving them that teenage feel all over again. One out of five women uses the sex toy at least once a week, which statistically equals to over 17.5 million women nationwide. Those who use sexual devices experience a more sexual satisfaction with their partners than their counterparts. This varies from a high level of sexual arousal and desire as well as less pain during intercourse.

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