Silk pantyhose are a tight fit, the lower elastic garment covering the feet and legs. Stockings are different in color, design and transparency. By analogy, the term is also used to describe a type of horse’s mark, in which the white coloration extends from the Horseshoe’s knee.

Sexy Lace Long Stockings

Today, the sexy lace long stockings are mainly worn by women’s fashion and aesthetics, which is usually in the association of long skirts.

From the point of view of history, even socks at least is the origin of ancient, men usually wear is often referred to as stockings, may be especially a long hose, sometimes when they are men’s fashion. The font used to refer to the part of the body at the bottom of the “stump”, and by analogy the term is used to refer to the lower trunk and a 15th century limbs one-piece coated, basically constitutes a corset top stock and empty stock.


Fabric made from silk stockings before the 90’s in sixteenth Century. The first knitting machine is used to make stockings. Silk stockings are made of cotton, linen, wool or silk. Cotton Polish called Lyle is common, as are those in the town of barberry root.

Wearing pantyhose relieve feet and shoes, abrasions or between the thighs. These sexy lace silk stockings are a pair of thick tights and pantyhose for this Torgovnik, there is a benefit. When they put on the retro pattern fishnet stockings are transparent, other people can watch your legs women more attractive in appearance through the thin and transparent materials. It’s very attractive for some players to make them fall in love with you!


In addition to wearing fashionable pantyhose, in western society, women sometimes wear formal dress is required. For example, some companies and schools dress requirements wear tights or leggings fashion skirts or shorts worn or as part of a uniform. So the cheap sexy lingerie, it is specifically tailored for the office lady wearing a suit. This is normal, formal. Of course, it is high quality assurance.

Do you want to be sexy in the spring or in the office? As long as you choose the right pantyhose, then you can take it!

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