It is basic nature of humans to experiment with everything. Sex is one that we have done a lot. This has helped in giving extra pleasure for both partners, making relationships stronger and last longer. Sex toys have played an important role in enhancing our sex lives. In our daily life, most of men or women have the experiences of playing sex toys. But they prefer different toys because they differ physically. Women love vibrator most while what sex toys do men prefer most? Let me reveal them to you in the following.

Male Delay Spray


Cock rings rank the first when it comes to what sex toys men love most. They have been there for ages. They help men to have a firmer erection, and one stays for a bit longer than usual, giving your partner more pleasure.

Most of us know the science behind it. But for the uninitiated – cock rings are worn at the base of the penis. It prevents the blood, which has filled the penis, from flowing back from the penis. This helps in maintaining the erection for a little longer.

The most popular cock rings come with a vibrating portion. The vibration helps in a little extra stimulation for the man. It also adds to the pleasure of the woman by either stimulating her clitoris or anus, depending on how it is worn. Sexual bliss for both the partners.

cock rings


And then male delay spray comes the second. It is the dream of every man to get their girl to beg them to stop. Everyone wants to last longer than it may be needed, just to give that extra pleasure, or simply to feel superior to his partner. Male delay sprays are the best solution. That it is applied externally makes them safer and the effects don’t last dangerously long. It is the ideal tool to give both the partners extra pleasure in sex.

When purchasing a sex spray, ensure that it is safe. Make sure it doesn’t contain ingredients that could give you or your partner an allergy. If by any chance, either of you wants to have oral sex, the spray should be safe even if ingested.

Male Delay Spray


There are those times when your partner is not available for sex and you are dying for that pleasure. Your hands never really give the feeling that a woman’s vagina can give.

The Hand free vibrating masturbation toy is the solution. It gives a similar feeling of a vagina. It is soft insides feel like flesh and the vibrations give the feeling like moving in and out of the female organ. There are different kinds to simulate either the vagina, the mouth or the anus – as your choice might be.

Hand Free Vibrating Masturbation

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