On China’s recent hot movies, Send Me to the Clouds, is played by Chinese power actress yao Chen, movie theme to the contemporary Chinese women under the modern society, sex, sex desire for women, in the movie, yao played the heroine to Justin played the role of direct courtship, do not, is this: I want to make love to you. In China’s domestic movie almost no positive portrayal of women’s sexual desire, most women with sex is dirty shame concept understanding, think masturbation and even sex toys are SINS, no matter where in China, almost there won’t be open sex toy shop, on the Internet, men speak a hun segment son is a reflection of humor, open and women openly about sex but can’t. The right to speak openly about sex, society’s standards for men and women, are so skewed and double-standard that they forget to think about the root of the problem: why women can’t speak openly about sex. Why women’s sexuality is not taken seriously.

secrexy yao chen

In the first episode of sex and the city, Carrie asks: can women have sex like men? It’s 2019, and we’re still debating whether women should talk openly about sex. Women don’t have the same autonomy and patience as men to have orgasms.

In intimate relationships, there are too many women who are passive, who are afraid to enjoy the real pleasure of sex and are more interested in satisfying their partner’s needs. Women don’t want any sexual freedom.


However, sex is not debauchery and shame, but the most primitive experience of life, is the holy joy, is the magnity of decency, say it is dirty, always is a person


Send Me to the Clouds, but finally can send a woman to the “clouds” is not a man, but their self.

There are many ways to go up the clouds.

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