As a sex educator, this might be one of the absolute most common questions I have received. Maybe you’re totally a beginner of sex toys or have been doing the solo session for a while, how to smoothly getting your partner involved can be a bit tricky.

There’s can be a lot of fear inside this question: insecurity over what we like, nerves that maybe it won’t turn your partner on, general embarrassment over the choices. Although sex toys can add a maximum of pleasure to your relationship, one bad move on bringing it up can make your partner feel insufficient, that the sex without toys wasn’t good enough, that the toys are necessary for sexual satisfaction.

So, here are some tips on how to introduce sex toys into your bedroom, and what toys I suggest as if your first time doing it.

First, choose a right time.

The key to bringing it up properly is don’t be rush. You don’t want to introduce the idea of using sex toys to the bedroom right after the few dates. Instead, wait for a few sex session together and communication both inside and outside the bedroom which made the trust built. Then start with an idea of making him/her feel more pleasure(can be wrong for such a consideration) will be much better received.

Second, do your research.

In case your partner is skeptical about sex toys is because having a fear of the unknown, it’s important for you to do some research before raising the topic. Having a good level of knowledge of a sex toy you want to introduce will help to ease him/her. However don’t do the explanation too much which make it looks like kind of show off.

Third, shop the toys together.

Perhaps making a date of going to a local offline adult toys shop is a rough move if your partner is kinda beginner, shopping online together will be a good opportunity for you and your partner to discuss the products you like and allow you to gauge his/her reaction.

Fourth, try a gift for his/her solo play.

If it makes you feel embarrassed to make the move in words, maybe a naughty gift will be nice as step one. Allow your partner to experiment and get comfortable with it on his/her own before introducing it into your couple play. The thing may just get smoothly after your partner taste that pleasurable sensations a sex toy brings.

At last, if it’s your first time introducing a toy to the bedroom, I suggest the following:

For Women

Wireless Remote Control Egg Vibrator:

To avoid your partner seeing sex toys as the competition you can start off with a remote toy that lets him remain in control of your pleasure. It will be a highly erotic experience for him to administer the powerful sensations as he teases you to orgasm from a distance.

Wireless Remote Wearable Dual Vibrator:

To ensure a sex toy is a win-win, and don’t make your man in the fear of being left out, shop for the couple specific sex toys such cock rings or wearable toys that offer an array of pleasure possibilities for both you and your partner. This vibrator has two ends, one to sit on the clit and the other in the vagina, so both partners get the full benefit of vibration patterns no matter what position they’re in.

For Men

Soft Thorn Stretchy Delay Time Penis Sleeve

A toy that you can wear means enhance the pleasure while you still the central focus of your sex session. This soft penis sleeve has a stretchy head which makes you hit the point easier and brings a better experience during normal penetration.

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