sex toys In the world, 23percent of adults have used sex toys during sex but it still shuttles between normalcy and taboo because most of the people will think it is a kind of blush-inducing embarrassment which stop people from accepting sex toys.

Most of the people will mistakenly believe that using sex toys is the hallmark that indicates that you are single or there is something wrong with your natural sexual function, which leads people to the combination of embarrassment and fear, hindering people form sex toys.

According to the global sex toy industry statistics, there is 20 percent of couples who have used sex toys to enhance the pleasure of sexual life. So it is not related to whether you are single. Sex toy just can be regarded as the tool to realize people’s pursuit towards high-level sexual life, as the case of your great pursuit of delicious food.

And according to the global sex toy industry research, there is 23 percent of couples who like using masks, blindfolds or hanging body straps bondage. Among them, blindfolds are the commonly used one because it can add the sense of mystery of sexual life. And bondage rank the second, one of the participants said, “ bondage delivers the message of weakness and resistance, which makes them have the passion to conquer their sexual partner and enjoy the satisfaction of gain when using door swing bondage. 

Besides the masks, blindfolds, and bondage, there are large amounts of people who like to use sex toys to improve the level of their sexual life such as vibrators, rubber penises, cock rings. Among them, vibrators enjoy the most popularity no matter for single or couple.

Sex toys have become the necessary part of sexual life. So you don’t need to feel embarrassed. Why it is vented must be reasonable.

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