blindfold sex

In all honesty, blindfolds might the best and sexiest thing that you could ever use during sex. Whether you want to create deeper intimacy and trust or you just want to spice up your sex routine, blindfold sex is the way to go. Below, I have listed 6 of the best reasons why you should try blindfold sex;

  1. It spices things up – frankly, having sex when you are on a blindfold is kinky, but is still cool to even tell your friends. Maybe blindfolds are not a gateway to hard-core action, but they are not standard fare in your bedside drawer, either. So if what you want is to spice your sex life up without getting too crazy, blindfold sex is what you need to consider.
  2. Limiting your sense of sight can reduce in-habitations – so, are you shy or worried about the extra-intense faces in the bedroom? Well, with a blindfold, you simply won’t care. I mean, a blindfold ensures that you are comfortable during sex, and that you are not worried about your ‘O’ face – which makes you not to lock your eyes with your partner, as you don’t how you look. To be honest, when your concern over the Cirque du Soleil-like face contortions is no longer there, you are able to relax and let go, which will lead to stronger orgasms.
  3. Limiting the sense of sight intensifies the other senses – to tell you the truth – a simple touch with his fingers brushing your things can turn from ‘standard to electric’ within seconds when you don’t see what’s happening or when it’s coming. Without you seeing, you will focus more on his touch, the aromatherapy of the candle your just lit, or his breathless moans. In other words, without your sight, all the tastes you encounter, the scents you smell, and the sensations you feel becomes more intense. Try blindfold sex and see that it’s true.
  4. Blindfold sex enhances trust between partners – blindfold sex strengthens the bond between two partners. For a woman to consent to be blindfolded during sex while her man take the reins takes a lot of trust. When the guy earns that trust, each and every move makes the woman feel closer and safer with the guy, making sex to be so much better.
  5. A blindfold sex adds an element of surprise in the sex life – without seeing what’s coming or happening next, even the little things will surprise you. With a blindfold, it’s the perfect time to use things like ice, oil feathers etc. You know what? Make it a game – use whatever feels good on your partner’s body, without telling them what happening next. Let him/her quiver with anticipation by maintaining the element of surprise at all times.
  6. By blindfolding your partner, you are in control – so, when you put a blindfold on your partner, you will technically be in charge, and that they will be entrusting their body to you. I mean, with this trust, comes power, which is a huge turn-on, especially to the more submissive couples. Therefore, it is safe to say that blindfold sex changes the dynamic in your bedroom in a sexy way.

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