When are you washing your bra? If you are like most people, you may ditching your forehead and rack your brains trying to remember you last time washing your boulder holder. This is very common for women rarely – or never!

There is no absolute rule when it comes to you with the frequency of your bra wash. This may sound like good news, until I added: you may not wash them often enough.

The reason why the “wash your bra once a week” cannot be assigned to the rules of this sort of thing, it is every woman’s wardrobe Bra. This is a term I absolutely love, and encourage everyone to take! – The difference is, because it’s the way she uses the wardrobe.

Ideally, a bra should not be worn for two days. Between the two wearing will help to extend the life of it to your bra for a day off, as the preservation of your girl in place elasticity will break the passage of time, due to exposure to both sides of the body oil and heat.

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