Pink Satin Kimono Robe

I’m sure every woman wants to be very soft and comfortable with showers. I like the lingerie dress, because of its material and design. They called this bathrobe.

Housecoat is a bathrobe, dressing gown or robe. The bath robe is usually made from a towel or other absorbent fabric, and can be worn, while the user’s body is wet, because of a towel, an informal clothing service. Dressing gown or housecoat was put in pajamas from bed rose today, or less commonly used fabric tape, wear loose clothes one day, open style gown door off the part or dressed in clothes off in the morning or in the evening. The average man derived from eighteenth Century in imitation of Oriental banyan tree in the house wearing a bathrobe. The Japanese bathrobe is unlined, cotton kimono wearing a bathrobe or summer outdoor clothing. Several styles of bath robe are sold to consumers by textile materials and woven type classification.

Another common fabric used in robes is silk. Silk is a very good gloss fiber by certain insects that the larvae form strong, good elasticity, fiber silk secretion mainly by silk fibroin and production. These kinds of robes may be relatively expensive, because the production cost of wire. This robe is very thin and light weight. These have bathrobe, especially suitable for wet environments, because they lack the surface area and water absorption of the necessary polarity. However, the traditional silk wrapper is selected, because they do not wear after a bath.

And I think that silk is my first choice, when I picked up this bathrobe. If you ask me why, it’s very simple. Silk is very comfortable. I feel free when I wear the silk like this. And there is some lace on the dress of this pink satin kimono robe.

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