Women come in all shapes and sizes and we love all of them. Picking the perfect swimsuit for your body type can be the difference between the perfect selfie and thousands of likes or a total disaster. There are some subtle tricks that even the celebrities use when choosing the swimsuits. While we don’t want to tell you what to wear and what not to, we’ve published a list of tips which help you pick the best swimsuit type based on your morphology.

Narrow Upper Body and Wide Hips:

Swimwear with straight straps tends to give the impression of wider shoulders making your body more symmetrical. Picking a solid color padded bikini will also give more emphasis on your chest if you would like to take attention away from your wide hips.

Solid Color Padded Bikini 

Wide Shoulders and Narrow Waist:

A bikini with a dropping neckline can be used to truly accentuate your features. Try out high waisted swimsuits as this will give you an appearance of longer legs. Using a swimsuit with a horizontal pattern for the bottoms can help give the appearance of wider hips. A one-piece bathing suit will definitely not do, it will focus on the wide shoulders.

Solid Color Padded Bikini 

Hourglass Figures:

Characterised by same length shoulders and hips with a narrow waist this is the type of figure that every woman at one point has dreamt about. The good news is that any type of swimsuit goes well with this type of body. Body-hugging swimsuits that have no frills and no extras to take attention of the viewer away from the curves of the body. A solid color padded bikini would be a lethal combination for any woman with an hourglass figure out on the beach.

Solid Color Padded Bikini 

H Silhouette Body Type:

For women who have the same width of their shoulders and hips with a waist the lies perfectly in balance with the two, you have the H silhouette body. Two-piece bikinis and triangle style swimsuits are perfect for your body type.

Solid Color Padded Bikini 

Full Bodied and Luscious Women:

Luscious women give off a very warm sensual vibe which is best complimented with a good swimsuit. If your body is luscious but firm then wearing a 2 piece bikini with a low neckline can be the perfect beach look. Use your full breasts to your advantage with a plunging neckline on a single piece swimsuit. Use swimwear that does not have any additional frills.

Solid Color Padded Bikini 

Women have a great variety when it comes to picking for their swimsuit collection. Not only do they get to pick swimsuits in different styles and colors they can pick swimwear that truly accentuates their figure. Hope this guide gets you prepped for the day on the beach.


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