When wearing pantyhose naked: interviewing you, you are in formal occasions such as the court, or it is a big day, where you will see a lot of big wigs. Another good time to wear pantyhose naked: when your legs don’t have any color and you want them to have more uniform.

pantyhose for work

When wearing bare legs: This is not a big day, you have seen in your office to do this, so you know it is accepted in your office. If you go to work in a flip flop or other sandals, this is a good change for the traditional pump or unit to get used to get, as long as you go to work.

pantyhose for work

Wear tights: This is winter and you need or want to be warm, or is it a more casual day in the office. Yes, you can wear a suit – but, know your office; note that this is usually more every day than I’m in court today.

pantyhose for work

Wear tights or Sheer Pantyhose: when you want to, but especially in the spring / autumn, which are too dark opaque tights. Back when I started this blog, I always interview shedding, sexy black stockings and my callback and quotation. Still, a lot of people this is the same as or a more relaxed look, or night, almost sexy eyes let know your office.

Color rule: I want to say, and then I realized that I mean “there is nothing at all.”!” “Wear black, gray, or nude for you.”

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