No Pressure: Ice Silk Ladies Thong


This is the first time I talk about these new styles of ladies underwear. I remembered that I have written about G-string, pure cotton underwear and seamless waist. So this time, I have prepared to talk about my new lover: Ice silk ladies thong. I used to select some kinks of sexy underwear because I think women should be sexy no matter from exterior appearance or the inner. Speaking of the no pressure, most of the women will choose G-string or thong. Although the two terms have become synonymous, there is a difference between a thong and a G-string. For the most part, a thong has wider material for the strip that runs along the bottom and rear quarters. It usually has a signature v-shaped design at the lower back, sometimes referred to as a “whale tail.”

Ice Silk Ladies Thong

Note the reasons to wear a thong rather than a G-string. Most thongs are worn more for physical sports due to their wider range of material. You can typically wear a thong for an aerobics workout with tights underneath. Low waist fashion string is a more popular choice for lingerie, sleeping and dressing for a romantic night with a loved one. And when you choose thong, you’d better to select the right size for your body; choose the most comfortable fabric that you feel, generally speaking I recommend you to choose the fabric like pure cotton or silk, both of them are the comfortable fabric according to the report; choose the beautiful patterns when you buy a thong, just like I recommended the product: ice silk ladies thong.

Ice Silk Ladies Thong

Compare to the G-string, I prefer to the ice silk ladies thong. As my personal, I always feel uncomfortable when I am wearing the G-string, and I feel no pressure when I put on the thong. So I strongly recommend this ice silk ladies thong, you will love these new styles of ladies underwear.

Ice Silk Ladies Thong

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