Time and again, I have rumbled about the amazing benefits of clitoral massage, and how mind-blowingly incredible your clitoris is in general. And if am being honest, there is a lot left to discuss on this particular matter on clitoral stimulation. There are number of ways in which you can play with your clit, that’s for sure, and this fact alone creates room for numerous mistakes. The mistakes aren’t dangerous or anything, but they inhibit maximum clitoral stimulation, which I turn means that it will be less fun.

clit massage

In this article, I will list the most common mistakes that you may making during clit massage, and should be avoided by all means.

  • One of the most common mistakes is paying too little attention on the clit – first and foremost, both and your partner needs to pay a little more attention of the clitoris. A majority of women require clitoral stimulation for them to orgasm. Depending on the shape of their inner labia or vulva, or even the clitoral hood, you may need to focus more on your clit so as to make sure that direct stimulation is happening during intercourse.
  • Paying too much attention on the clit – as we have said, the positioning of the clitoris varies with individual women, some are hidden while others are more exposed. Now, there’s no problem in stimulating the clitoris, but the problem comes when you overstimulate it – it becomes sore or numb and it may be less pleasurable if it persists.
  • Forgetting after foreplay – the things is, after fingering and cunnilingus as well as clit play, when it’s time for penetration, most couples do forget to continue stimulating the clit. This is one of the common mistakes and it normally leads to the woman not achieving an orgasm. So, since your hands are free in most sex positions, remember to continue stimulating the clitoris. And if at all you are to orgasm from penetrative sex, you have to incorporate clitoral stimulation.
  • Going straight for too much pressure – as you may know by now, the clitoris have some of the most sensitive nerve endings on the entire body of the woman. These endings are freaking incredible and they are also super sensitive. And while some women prefers too much pressure, which includes rubbing the clit against the pubic bone, you won’t just jump in with both of your feet; I mean, it would be a lot. So, maybe start with gentle stimulations working your way up to more pressure. By doing this, you will find a sweet spot somewhere in between.

These are just some of the mistakes committed by couples, which may be the reason why a majority of the women fail to orgasm. So, during your next date, how about you try to avoid them and I can guarantee you that you will have the time of your life.

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